OE-1380 x 3000 Cylindrical Grinder

Standard Accessories

  • Fully CE accredited
  • 12 months warranty
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Operator training
  • Operator manuals
  • Coolant tank
  • Wheel flange
  • Balancing arbor
  • Wheel extractor
  • Coolant tank
  • Working lamp
  • Tool box and tools
  • Wheel dresser stand not include diamond pen、
  • Standard grinding wheel
  • Levelling wedge and bolt

Main Features

  • The table can be tilted for conical grinding operations
  • Spindle stock can be swivelled to 180 degrees for internal grinding operations
  • The main spindle is mounted hydro-dynamically – oil film prevents contact between the spindle and bearings
  • Longitudinal table guide and spindle stock feature V and flat guides
  • Oil film between the spindle and bearings reduces any vibration
  • Step less feed adjustment with selective programmable stop at each end of the table
  • Grinding spindle bearings on both sides and adjustable sliding flat grids.

Product Description

Distance between centres mm 3000
Centre height mm 500
Diam.ground (O.D) mm 50 – 800
Max length ground (O.D) mm 3000
Max weight of work piece kg 3000
Centre taper Metric 80
Spindle speed r/min 50Hz : 6 – 60 stepless
Wheel spindle speed r/min 870
Wheel head rapid travel mm 100
Max travel mm 550
Hand feed per.rev. mm Rough 6 fine: 0.5
Hand feed per gra. mm Rough 0.02 fine 0.0025
Max dimension of wheel (OD x W x ID) mm 900 x 75 x 305
Hand feed per rev. mm 5
Max swivelling angle of table degrees Clockwise 1

Anticlockwise 3

Longitudinal traverse speed of table m/min 0.1 – 2.5
Centre taper Metric 80
Quill travel mm 70

Optional extras:

Magnetic chuck 300 x 680mm

Magnetic separator 500 x 1500mm

Balance stand

Wheel flange

Diamond pen